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Australia is very well known for being one of the top choice for students who want to pursue their studies in a foreign country. Australia is quite popular study destination as well as travel destination. The hospitality and scenic beauty of Australia is truly amazing. From ocean and beaches to beautiful mountains there is is so much to explore and see in Australia that there is pretty much something for everyone.


Australia is also known to be relatively safer country considering the constantly increasing population of international students. Australia has vibrant culture and the diversity we get to see is quite amazing. It is home to thousands of international students and immigrants from various culture and background which makes it easier for the students to feel understood and helps them to get along with the others.


Australia being home to people from various ethnic, cultural background provides the immigrants as well as students with the freedom to practice their own belief as the country values individual freedom. Australia is great not only in terms of quality of education but also what we get to explore such as Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach and many more such amazing places. Australia has great outdoors and having great standard of living people get to enjoy the clean city. Hiking on the mountains and various activities that can be done in the water such as kayaking, surfing, fishing, etc is also one of the great things to look forward to in Australia.


Benefits of Studying in Australia


Australia is regarded as the best education destination for students all around the world. Australia is well known for having the best education system in the world. It is home to six of the world’s top 100 universities ranked by Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2020. Apart from being the best in terms of education, Australia is quite known for having incredible standard of living. As an international student you’ll be be able to enjoy the great health care if you need it as students have to apply for Health cover before they arrive in Australia.


Australia is seen as the top contender for international students for all the benefits that students get to enjoy. It provides rights to international students known as ESOS ACT ( Education Services for Overseas Students). And Australia also provides international students with student support centre that assists the students and gives them advice that they might need on various matters and also helps students to engage with other students and the locals.


Australian degree is highly regarded and having the qualification will most likely help students with job opportunity that will guide them to achieve thier dreams. Australia’s education system prepares students to be able to face the global workforce. Apart from this, being able to study with people from all around the world who are there for the same purpose as you will help you be familiar with various culture and help you grow as a person.


Education System


Education System in Australia is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary education, which is managed by the second tier of government. Education system is highly regarded all around the world and is recognized as one the best places in terms of qulaity education.


Primary School in Australia is compulsory upto age 15 to 17 study and are in year 6 or 7 depending on the state or terrritory.


Secondary School goes on for about 3 to 4 years depending on the state or territory, from 7 to 10 or from 8 to 10 years.


Senior Secondary School runs for 2 years that is year 11 and 12 for the students.


Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) was formed in 1995 and it is a national policy which is government authorized and nationally accredited. AQF has 10 levels and it links school. university and vocational education together. It helps join all the levels into one system which allows the students to transfer from one level to the another. It makes it easier for the students to choose their institution and get a transfer if they want as long as they have the proper qualifications.


Cost of Studying in Australia as well as Scholarship opportunities


Before you arrive in Australia you should know about the fee structure and about the possibility of you getting scholarship. Cost of studying in Australia highly depends upon the educational provider that you decide to go with. There are also various scholarship opportnuities while studying in Australia that can help you with your financial preparation. There are different requirements according to the scholarship that you apply for. And as there are many international students going and studying in Australia, the Australian Government has invested millions of dollars into the scholarship progrmas for them.


The studying cost of Australia really depends on the edcational institute that you choose, some might be a bit more expensive than the others. Less expensive educational institute does not mean that you’ll get any less quality education, if you’re planning on studying in Australia you are guaranteed to have good quality of education. Schools in Australia may cost around $7,800 to $30,000, whereas English language studies can cost around $300 per week depending on course length. Vocational Education and Training (Certificates I to IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma) is around $4,000 to $22,000 and Undergraduate Bachelor Degree is around $15,000 to $33,000. Depending on the institute postgraduate Masters Degree can vary from $20,000 uoto $37,000 and doctoral degree is around $14,000 to $37,000.


There are numerous scholarship opportunities for the students and the requirements differ in various institutions as well as the amount for scholarship. Most institutes have various types of scholarship which can help international students, so in order to find out about the types of scholarship provided by your institute you should definately check their webiste and make sure you are eligible to apply.


Living and Working in Australia ( Employment Prospects)


Living in Australia means you’ll get to experince the high standard of living and jobs that will most likely pay you well. Living conditions in Australia is really good for the international students. There are various accommodations available for the students and because the cost varies on where you stay you should be able to decide on the accomdation that suits your budget.


Cost of living differs according to where you plan on studying, there are various options you can choose from like guesthouse, shared rental, on campus accommodation, homestay, etc. Hostels and guesthouses can be around $90 upto $150 per week, as for the accommodation that you share a rental space will cost $85 upto $215 per week. There are accommodations available for the students at the campus as well which can cost $90 to $280 per week, students can also choose homestay that will cost them from $235 to $325 per week which is quite expensive for most international students. And rental can vary from $165 to $440 per week. Cost of living totally varies on where you live, the more you stay near the popular places and city areas the more you might have to pay.


As for working in Australia as an International student on student visa, you will get to work upto 40 hours every two weeks. Students usually prefer working at retails, hospitality, services, etc due to its flexible hours and are paid per hour in their job, which is very unlikely in a country like Nepal. Australia has a vibrant community which is very welcoming to the new people so adjusting there won’t be a problem to the new international students. Few things that students should consider before getting accommodation is distance from the college, the living expenses in the area and availability of job opportunities in the nearby areas.


There are also organizations that encourages students for the volunteering work which will not only help them gain experince but also helps the students meet people and interact with them in the process. And if you would like to stay in Australia after you graduate you can apply for post study work visa, this will allow you to stay in Australia for two more years after you graduate.


Step by Step Student visa process for Australia


After deciding the country that you want to study in don’t forget to check the visa requirements. As for Australia you need to get enrolled into the educational institute before you get to apply for the student visa. And for that you’ll need to provide information on past schools and colleges you attended, along with IELTS test results. While applying for the course you’ll need to write Statement of Purpose (SoP) that will have all of your details, reason for choosing Australia, financial support you may require from your family, reasons for wanting study in that particular educational institute, etc.


After you receive the offer letter and accepted it, you will have to email back to the college/ university. Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) will be sent to you after you pay the fees and show your finances for the living expenses that you will be able to take care of. Make sure that your passport is valid during your stay in Australia as it could be troublesome.


As an international student don’t forget to apply for OSHC ( Overseas Student Health Cover). Having OSHC helps the student if they require medical treatment during their stay as medical treatment in Australia can get quite expensive so having OSHC can help you save your money if you ever need to go to the hospital. It is a mandatory condition of student visa and not having OSHC could also get your visa cancelled.


You should also be able to provide information about the assests your family has and the fact that you’re only going to Australia for studying purpose and don’t intend to stay there permanently.

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